bring potential customers and increase your brand awareness.

Digital Marketing Cyprus Using our vast experience of advertising to both local and global audiences, we’ll promote your services, products, or brand(s) to a wide international audience through Google Adwords. And for those important but hard to reach markets that Google’s network doesn’t adequately cover advertiser’s needs, we’ll promote you on the Yandex and Baidu networks as well.
Text Based SEM This type of advertising highlights a unique selling proposition in 2 or 3 short lines of text. This involves extensive market research as well as our assessment of your company strengths and weaknesses, before coming up with ads that work.
Banner & Video based SEM With this type of advertising we’ll promote your brand from Youtube to anywhere your potential audience lurks around on the internet. We use surgical targeting to promote your banners to the people who are most likely to be interested in your ad message thereby minimizing budget waste.
Search Engine Optimization Hidden deep within the confines of ideaseven labs is The Vault. It’s made out of graphene and 1 meter thick walls. Hidden inside, is the “Cook Book” containing our ‘Patented’ Search Engine Optimization recipes forged from years of sweat, tears and hard work.
Our comprehensive push strategies are put into action only after we assess your services, business plan and customer flow. After the review we will then tailor an SEO strategy unique to your business, designed to generate more revenue for you. Sounds cliché? Let’s find out!