Product Microsites

Enter the microsite!

Also called a minisite, a microsite is a separate page of a company web site that has a separate URL that is used to provide information or promote something that is related to the company.

Ideaseven created a microsite to invite its friends to the 7year birthday party in the summer of 2012. Click here. Which, by the way, was great fun and very alcoholic.

It is separated from your company website so that you can focus on information about the particular brand or campaign you are running at this point in time. A microsite should be straight to the point and simple so that you don’t need another microsite on top of this one to get your message across.

With the creativity of ideaseven we can tailor the microsite to fit any industry, product or event that you want to promote. We consider many factors for the success of this microsite. Main ones being:

  1. Brand it
  2. Define goals
  3. Creative & Wacky
  4. Target your group