Some of our recent work

We've been around for many years. Here's a sneak peak of some of our recent work.

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The Preserve Lounge Bar has been a cornerstone of Larnaka's night scene for many years, preserving the old with a touch of glamour and good taste.

Located in the historic Ermou Street, you will find an old preserved building, built in yellow stone, a remembrance of the good old days. Walk through its wooden doors and into the new age, full of glamour and finesse.

The music, has always been that something extra, that has kept Preserve in its place for so many years.

You can now visit Preserve Lounge every day from the morning. Enjoy your meal, coffee or other beverage, while people do their shopping around you in the busy Ermou Street.

Preserve, as the name suggests, is here to stay, offering entertainment to people who will simply not compromise for anything less.